Tips For Creating An Advertisement
General tips:
  •     Biggest tip: Don't worry!
  •     Don’t worry about whether you are "doing it right!"  Just make an attempt to get your idea to us.
  •     Make certain you include all the information you want someone to know.
  •     Ads with photos, have been shown to receive much more response than ads without photos.  However, the more pictures you include, the longer it will take to download and view your ad - sometimes less is better!  Don’t worry about text - text is very fast viewing.
  •     If you need some ideas, look at newspaper ads, or ads already placed on
  •     Pictures can be color or black and white.  The better the quality, the better the result.  We can resize pictures if necessary.  Pictures and graphics, sent electronically, can be in; tif, jpg, gif or bmp format.  If you send pictures by regular mail, and would like them back; send a stamped, self-addressed envelope they will fit in - or they won’t be returned!  We are not responsible for damaged, lost or non-returned items.
  •     Make certain you have the right to use any pictures you include - you are responsible for any copyright violations.
  •     You can e-mail a picture to:  Include your name and phone number, so we know which ad it goes with.
  •     Materials can be mailed to;, P.O. Box 70, Clinton, AR 72031.  Be certain to include your name and phone number with all materials.
  •     If you need further assistance, e-mail us at or call us at 501.592.3475.