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Science Fiction, Mystery, Adventure.

    A local writer, Melvin C. Duncan of Dennard, has been writing for 23 years - His stories are entertaining and full of mystery.

    His new book, EDEN, HAS JUST BEEN RELEASED! It's about a world that was colonized in the third wave of human colonization. Then there was a war and it got lost. Supplies ran out. Modern tools failed and they reverted back to simpler times. The Star is an eleven year old boy named Mark. Him and his child bride Ellen are the focal point of the story. They win back some of their technology then get contacted by a trading ship. After two thousand years they are finally making progress.  What happens now? Find out, look in at Newest page titled EDEN gives outline of book and tells how to get it.

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    The story of a future invasion of the U.S. and the long hard struggle the survivors have to win back the country:

    BOWMAN - Bowman is an immortal. He comes from the end of the last ice age and lives throughout human history. He takes man to the stars and founds an empire of ten thousand stars:


    Two high school girls find an old abandoned plantation house. It is filled with antiques, treasures, and GHOSTS. Bodies in the attic. They have to solve the mysteries of the house before the ghosts can rest: